Welcome to Gospel Centered Family. Our contributors all work in ministry with kids, students, and their families. It began with three of us—Jeff, Pat, and Jared. We first met in 2008 at a children’s ministry conference, and we soon became friends. Since that time, we’ve made excuses to get together, talk shop, and learn from one another as often as our schedules allow.

This blog is your chance to listen in on what our conversations are like when we hang out together at a pub or local coffee shop. The focus of the blog is family discipleship. Our mission is to see the next generation transformed by the gospel, and we believe the ideal place for that to happen is in families and church communities where the good news about Jesus is faithfully taught to the next generation. We write here about parenting, family ministry, and leadership. If you are a mom, dad, or teacher in youth or children’s ministry pull up a chair. This blog is for you.

We typically post once each week and link to our favorites on the web on Fridays. To make sure you don’t miss our latest posts, subscribe via RSS or e-mail. Glad you could join us!