Teach kids the good news. Call for a response.

Over at the Sojourn Network website last week, I posted an article about child evangelism. In Reformed circles, we love to live out our identity as Christ’s ambassadors. We make passionate appeals to lost friends and family to come, see, and believe the good news. We fully resonate with the Bible's missionary impulse. We’re all about it... until it comes to children.

If my observations are normative, Reformed folk tend to be more anxious and tentative with kids. Of course, there are reasons for this. We rightly see that children are easier to manipulate. Some of us grew up in churches where we were encouraged to pray and ask Jesus into our heart before the gospel was fully explained. We want our own kids to follow Christ because they love Him and understand his cross—not merely to escape hell or enter heaven. We want them to assure their hearts with the gospel—not their knowledge, emotional experiences, prayers, or obedience. But I wonder if we’re overly cautious. Read the rest of the article by jumping over to the Sojourn Network site.