Why We Use KidCheck

As you've read from my last post, I had to get past my ... annoyance ... with the need to have security procedures in place. Once that occurred, it was time to find a product that could help manage all that information.

While there are lots of good products out there we finally decided to go with KidCheck. I found out KidCheck and had a demonstration when I attended D6 a few years ago; and I've been happy with it ever since. Here are my top 3 reasons.

1. It's easy to use

From getting is set up and then keeping it going, KidCheck is easy to use. Maybe a better way to say it is, it's as easy as you want to make it. I know it can do more than I'm using it for, but my volunteer staff loves the ease of searching for specific information such as anything from birthdays to allergies. If you love tracking information and seeing it on spread sheets, KidCheck easily does that for you (... or so I'm told).

From a parent's side, you give this online site as much information as your are comfortable with on your child. All that's required is a parent's name, the child or children's name, and a phone number.

2. It provides security

As far as providing security goes, it's a neat set-up. Each student who is in the system gets a printed out name tag with both a code and a picture that is individually different each week. Each parent gets a printed out parent slip that has that week's code and picture.

We are still a relatively small church so most of teachers know, or at least have seen the parents of their students. I love when new volunteers ask to see the claim slip and compare it the name tag on the child.

3. Their customer service ROCKS

Once the system is set up, I've get both regular emails as well as phone calls from my KidCheck Representative. Nancy Dobbins answers every question I've thrown at her and never made me feel dumb for not knowing the answer. The service techs that are available pretty much when ever I've needed them and recently helped me track down who had a specific pager from a few weeks prior when it didn't get returned.

Yes, there is a cost to this. You'll get out of it what you put into it. The cost is more that worth, in my opinion, when it does everything you ask it do, and is efficient in doing it. If you don't have a check in / check out system, I encourage you consider KidCheck.

The author has not and does not receive any compensation for endorsing this product. I'm just grateful for it, and I want to recommend it to you.