Best Things Heard at the 2016 D6 Conference

It was really a joy to be able to attend the D6 conference as a blogger in 2016. After each general session, I posted some of the tweetable highlights, and now I've compiled them all here in one place:

Ron Hunter

"Harm is done when leaders are too far out ahead of the change."

"Validate every generation. God is the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob."

"Don't underestimate what parents don't know how to do."

Robby Gallaty

"How different would the lives of those around us be if we took discipleship more seriously?"

"The greatest gift you can give a child is a mom and dad who love Jesus. This changes everything."

"Success in ministry is how equipped the people are."

"The gospel came to you, because it was headed to someone else. Before we can make disciples, we must be disciples."

Reggie McNeal

"Discipleship is supposed to be a life transformational experience, not somewhere we go."

"Take people’s interests and dreams and connect discipleship to them."

"People don't tend to learn well when they are taken out of their environment and information is put in."

Jim Burns

"Marriages and relationships that aren't intentional, die."

"Communication is a learned trait."

"Get serious about spiritual growth."

Megan Marshman

"How is your soul?"

"Ministry happens on the way through, so don't miss out on his plans while you're working on yours."

"Your past can either be Satan's greatest tool against you, or God's greatest weapon for expanding his kingdom."

Terry Williams

"When thinking through making disciples, start with the why. It's the core. Then, develop the process."

"Information + formation = transformation. (Galatians 4:19)"

"Learn to journey with your kids through their questions."

Jeff Wallace

"Develop in your kids the heart of a champion. Use Matthew 5 - 7 as your guide."

"We teach what we know. We reproduce what we are."

"We need to live with intentionality because souls are at stake."

Josh Mulvihill

"God designed grandparenting."

"If you're going to spoil your grandkids, spoil them with the gospel."

"Grandparents, don't be afraid to do devotions with your grandkids ... of any age."

Parenting Panel

"Just like God relentlessly pursues our hearts, we should relentlessly pursue our kids' hearts."

"Engaging conflict with kids: Clear boundaries, clear expectations, clear consequence can make" you less reactive!

"As a parent you need a tribe. You can't go it alone."

Pat Cimo

"Align your ministry with the direction of the church."

"Collaboration is necessary."

"Serve those around, below, beside, and above you."

Eric Metaxas 

"Lives communicate things."

"Relate Scripture to everything in life."

"Freedom requires virtue, which requires faith, which requires freedom."

Yancey Arrington

"The sign of morality based discipleship is your view of the Bible. Are they disconnected stories of morality or God's redeeming work? Are you the hero or is God?"

"The aim is not good kids, but gospel kids."

"Kids leave the faith because of the sinister clutches of legalism."

David Clarke

"Change begins with honesty."

"Are you an intimacy avoider? 85% of men and 15% of women are."

"In order to fix intimacy, have the conversation and write a letter of needs."


"Authenticity is a good thing. But authenticity (to our sin nature) is the new hypocrisy."

"Have we translated the gospel to the next generation?"

Lisa Harper

"Perfection is not a prerequisite for a relationship with Jesus."

"Programs are never more important than people. Jesus always put people first. People are preeminent."

"Slow down and cry out all the more."

Brian and Angela Haynes

"Be relentless in pursuing a heart connection with your kids."

"Let your kids walk alongside you as you love God and love others."

"Heart connection, or lack thereof, will determine who your child will go to with their highs and lows."