Family Friday Links 11.3.17

Family Friday Links.png

Here’s what we’ve been reading online this week:

Jamie Owens was over on the For the Church site writing on the topic of pastoral neglect of their families. He reminds us, “Our families are the closest people to us, and so our responsibility to disciple them and wash them in the Word is greatest.” He lists 4 lies that pastors tell themselves. If you’re a pastor, you need to heed this warning.

Our friend, Sam Luce, had a post on hearing God’s voice. He writes on the importance of listening and says, “Learning to listen is not a skill that is taught anywhere. It is a gift a few are born with, a skill most can learn, and is indispensable in our ability to hear God and love our fellow believers.” He goes on from to list reasons this is true. This will be a benefit to anyone who reads it.

Scott Kedersha had a marriage post on growing in your relationship with your spouse. He’s reminding reader of the need for continued growth in the depth of relationship, especially after the wedding. There is a great list of resources along with post that are well worth your time.

What have you been reading online this week? If you were encouraged by it, leave us a link in the comment section to check out.