Family Friday Links 11.10.16

Here's what we've found helpful, encouraging, and challenging this week on line:

Joel Beeke had a post on the Ligonier site on discipleship in the family. He ends his post this way, "Luther believed that the stresses of family life offer one of the best environments in which to cultivate Christian discipleship." Parents, you can learn a lot and benefit from this post.

For Every Mom had a post by Ann Shannon on parenting. She wrote, "A helicopter parent hovers overhead and swoops in to save the day whereas a lifeguard parent stands by, encouraging their child to take risks and only jumps in when the child is in over her head and calling for help." Parents, how we parent effects the kind of adults our kids will grow up to be. True failure only happens when we as parents don't help our kids process through and learn from what they experience.

Coleman Wagner had a post on the Village Church blog on the gospel and public school. He writes, "God has made it clear in Scripture that He cares about good teaching, both inside and outside the Church ... " He goes on to give good advice on how this can be done.

Tom McKee had a post on site on mistakes leaders make with their volunteers. He not only lists several mistakes but offers solutions. If you're in leadership of volunteers, this is practical help you need. What is the goal? McKee puts it this way, "they’re awakening passion in the hearts of Christians to make a difference on behalf of Jesus."

What have you been influenced by online this week? Leave us a link in the comment section and we will check it out.