Family Friday Links 11.10.17

Family Friday Links.png

Here’s what we’ve been encouraged by online this week:

In light of last weekend’s tragic events in Texas, Phillip Bethancourt, had a post on the ERLC site about how to talk to your kids about it. He writes, “Parents must be willing to directly address the doubts and questions of their children. Will it be safe to go to church next Sunday?” This is the kind of proactive parenting all believing parents need to be engaged in on a regular basis.

Matt Blackwell had a post on the Verge Family site entitled “Raising Disciples”. In it he says, “Parents have to work hard to build a Christ-centered home and not a kid-centered home, because a kid-centered home produces self-centered adults.” It’s easy for any of to get pulling in multiple direction at once, but what we all need to remember is to keep Christ at the center. This a great parenting resource, pass it along to those in your church that need it.

Burk Parsons had a post on the Tabletalk site on the subject of being a faithful servant. He wrote, “The most essential quality of leadership is humility, and authentic humility is manifested by courage, compassion, and conviction.” As a leader, this is a needed reminder of our high calling.

What blog posts or online articles have you been reading this week? Leave us a link in the comment section and we’ll check it out.