Family Friday Links 1.12.18

friday links.png

Here's what we've been reading online this week:

Barnabas Piper linked to video message he gave last year about barriers for kids in church. He states, "... I try to help parents understand the barriers between their kids and Jesus that occur in and through church – yes, that sounds backward – and how to help their children meet Jesus."  The video is about about 42 minutes long, but is super helpful for parents and churches.

Q Ideas posted a short video clip of a message by Trip Lee on being "cool". Parents, we need to hear what he has to say in order to better prepare our kids.

My friend Steve McCoy has a post from 2013 that resurfaced on parenting. He wrote, "At its core, this list is a quick mind-dump of the practical advice I want to give parents with young kids after years of doing it." If you have young kids or kids on the way, check this post post, it will serve you well.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave a link in the comment section for us to check out.