Family Friday Links 11.25.16

Even though it Thanksgiving week, there's still been some helpful stuff online this week. Here's what we've found:

Todd Hill, via the Gospel Coalition, had a post about parenting athletes. He wrote, "There’s an idolatry problem in our community related to youth sports. I see this problem every weekend as families gather at the field rather than their church. It’s a problem in my heart, too." The thing about this post that's most helpful is seeing idolatry for what it is. While I see this in my town and in my church, I don't experience this type of idolatry in my house. The question I'm asking is what is the idolatry in my heart and my children's heart?

The All Pro Dad site had a post on things dad's take for granted. It reads, "Be intentional and proactive so you can have the most meaningful impact on your kids." Dad, you need to read this and think it through. This post has implications for all relationships.

Mark Merrill (who runs the All Pro Dad site) recently reposted something on things kids need to hear. He shares 6 short and simple sentences that parents should regularly be talking through with their kids.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave a link in the comment section for us to check out.