Family Friday Links 11.30.18

friday links.png

Here’s what we’ve been reading online recently:

Our friend Sam Luce, had a post entitled “Do Not Lose Heart”. It’s on the topic of the reality of suffering and how we need to prepare for it. Read this, be encouraged … and then pass it on.

LifeWay Kids had a great post for this Advent season. It’s 4 lessons, one for each week, that gives both a biblical lesson and ways to apply it. This is a good reminder for the whole family about the importance of this time of year.

Scott Kedersha is back for the second week in a row with a post for couples on how to deal with conflict from a book he is leading a couple’s group through. It reads, “We often misunderstand what our significant other is saying because of filters. A filter is anything that changes what we say or hear.” The post ends with discussing one of those filters.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave a link in the comment section to check out.