Family Friday Links 1.18.19


Here’s what we’ve been reading online this week:

Julie Masson had a post on the ERLC on the topic of protecting teens from pornography. In the technological age we live it’s important to know what your teens are doing online. The quiz provided in this post will help parents to know their level of knowledge of their kid’s online habits.

Christina Embree had a post on dinner table discipleship. She lists questions to ask kids around the table to get them talking and using those conversations for their spiritual growth. Parents, this is a practical tool that is easy to use.

Jen Wilkin had a post on exploring why kids as why. She wrote, “It’s important for parents to discern the underlying reason a small child asks “why” if we’re to give a loving and appropriate response.” She goes on to explain different ‘why’s” and how to respond to them.

Leave a comment about what you’re reading (writing) online for us to check out.