Family Friday Links 1.19.18

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Here's our weekly list of online must reads:

Dale Hudson had a post about ministry growth. He starts it out this way, "A new year of ministry has begun.  It will be filled with not only challenges, but also great opportunities to impact kids and families for Christ." He goes on to list 10 things that need to be considered by ministry leaders.

Scotty Smith wrote a prayer about spiritual parenting. He wrote, " Teaching at my alma mater this week, Westminster Seminary, Philly, has stirred my heart with gratitude for the spiritual parents, gospel-posse, and partners in the gospel who’ve helped me come alive to riches of the gospel and the wonders of your love." This prayer is a great reminder that we all have a spiritual heritage; not only to be thankful for, but also for the purpose of passing it on to someone else.

Rob Rienow had a post with audio on the subject of kids and tech. He says, "Tech is a huge part of our teens’ lives and it needs to be a huge part of our parenting." Technology isn't going away and as parents we need help our kids use it responsibly.

What have you been reading online lately and benefiting from? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.