Family Friday Links 12.18.15

Here’s what we’ve been reading online this week:

For the Church had a great post for husbands about things wives need to hear. It says in part, “… all wives, whether affirmation is their primary love language or not, need to hear their husband say these six things: …” Husbands you would do well to read this post and put it into practice.

Our friend Sam Luce wrote a post on what Pastors need to communicating during Christmas. He writes, “The church for the past few years has done a good job of talking about what Christmas isn’t and haven’t done a good enough job describing the beauty of Christ.” He goes on to list 3 things that should communicated, especially this time of year. Pastors, do yourself a favor and hear from this fellow pastor.

The Verge Network had a post on helping youth fight consumerism. It reads, “We must teach students that following Jesus means giving of their life and we have to show them how to do it well.” Again, this is a timely post worthy of the time of both parents and pastors.

All Pro Dad had a post on tips for being a better husband. It says, “How can we be more patient towards our wife? More thoughtful? More loving? You can’t control your wife’s actions, but work on you and trust the rest will take care of itself.” Husbands this is another one for you.

What have you been reading online? Leave us a link in the comment section and we’ll check it out.