Family Friday Links 12.21.18

Here’s what we’ve been reading online this week:

Greg Baird has a 3-peat on his hands as he a post about personal growth. He wrote, “Personal growth isn’t a magic bullet. It does take work.” Growth happens whether we plan for it or not; the question is, with it positive growth or atrophy? Read this post to learn how to start thinking about a personal growth plan.

Rob Reinow had a post on the D6 Family site entitled “Worship Jesus at Home This Christmas”. He offers suggestions what family worship could look like this Christmas. While it’s hard to stay focused on what is most important this time of year, this is helpful.

Kevin Thompson wrote a marriage post on the topic of kisses. He says, “When we forget the last kiss, we are tempted to take every kiss for granted.” Read the rest of the post to find out why.

To all those who regularly read here from those of us who write here, Merry Christmas!