Family Friday Links 12.23.16

Here's what we've been benefitting online lately:

Jill Waltz had a post on building your ministry team. She says, "Building a successful team doesn’t happen on accident, it’s intentional. You are a leader of leaders." She goes on to list 3 steps to how to accomplish this.

Trilla Newbell had a post on the ERLC interviewing Lindsay Swartz on teaching kids about race and reconciliation. It starts out this way, "If we believe that the topics of race, racial reconciliation and the unity found in the gospel are important, then in many ways, the conversation and study of these topics should begin and have prominence at home." This is an important and helpful post for moms and dads.

The Gospel Coalition posted a 7 minute video with 3 different pastors discussing what the Bible says about the discipline of kids. Parents, this is a helpful reminder. 

What have you been benefitting from online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.