Family Friday Links 12.26.14

Here's the list of posts we've read from the past week. 

Jen Thorn had a great post on For the Family on overcoming fears. She wrote, "Fear produces a theological amnesia that makes us forget who God is and what he is like." She then goes on to explain 3 common fears and what the Bible says about those fears. This post is for anyone who even occasionally gives into fear (... and by that I mean all of us).

The Verge Network had a great post on kids place in missional communities. It asks the big question, "What do we do with the kids?" And then it answers the question. If your church does any kind of small / community group type meeting this is critical to think through.

Steven Knight had a post on the teaching methods of Jesus. He started out this way, "Jesus Christ was the Master Teacher. He used a wide variety of teaching methods, which each had their own advantage when teaching to different audiences." If you work with kids, read this and learn from it. Variety in method is good for variety of learners.

I know this is shorter than usual, but it is Christmas week. What did I miss this past week? Leave a comment for me to check out.