Family Friday Links 1.23.15

Here's what we've been reading online from the past week:

Craig Jutila had a post on parental frustration (and and who among us parents haven't been there?);  and how to overcome it. He writes that in order to deal with them in a healthy way we should us what he calls the "MAP" method - be MINDFUL, be AWARE, and be PRESENT. To learn what he means by those, go read the post. Parents this is an important post.

Connected Families had a post on what discipline teaches kids. Commenting on Hebrews 12:10 & 11, the post reads, "God's discipline is not intended to have immediate results, and those results are not about right behavior but about God's righteousness and peace." Parents, this is another post well worth your time.

Trevin Wax had two great posts over on the Gospel Coalition blog. The first was a post the struggle of passing on faith. He laments, "... the biggest failure, the biggest sadness, of so many people of my generation, including parents, educators, and leaders in the church, is our failure to pass along our faith in a compelling way to the generation not taking our place." He goes on to explain why that is. The second from Trevin was about parents entering their kid's world. In it he wrote, "Our kids aren't intruding. They're inviting." Both encourage parents to take the responsibility of both their faith and parenting more serious than they do.

Sam Luce had a post on the 50% myth about marriage and divorce. He wrote this near the end of the post, "While encouraged by the finding in this article I find the thing that couples need most (my marriage included) is an understanding of need for daily grace." This is good advice for all relationships, not just marriage relationships.

What have you been reading online and found helpful and/or encouraging? Leave a link in the comment section and one of us will check it out!