Family Friday Links 2.22.19


Here is what we’ve found most helpful online this week:

Cam Hyde had a post on what it means to be a good husband. It reads, “ I’m not looking to be the goofy husband who pays no attention to his wife, does whatever he wants, and then apologizes later. I’m aiming at much loftier goals. “ He goes on to list 3 of those loftier goals. If you are a husband (or hope to be someday) here is a good list of what being a godly husband looks like.

Jaquelle Crow wrote on lies teens are told about love, sex, and romance. In it she lists 10 lies that culture pushes teens towards believing. It’s a good list that parents need to be working through with their teens. We need to be having more of these conversations.

Jason Tilley had a post on classroom management. He bases his post on 4 “C’s” - clear, contained, connect, and clean up. Go to see what he says about each one. If you are a pastor or ministry leader - your kidsmin people would benefit from this.

What have you been reading and liking online lately? Leave a link in the comment section for us to check out.