Family Friday Links 2.6.15

Here's what we've been reading from around the web that we've found helpful and/or encouraging:

CBMW had a post on helpful truths for children. It reads, "... it's possible to talk about the realities of unfairness, the Christian impressive of rejoicing with those who rejoice, and our need to entrust ourselves to the only One who judges justly. Most importantly, it creates opportunities to talks about what we really deserve: not and equal share of the cake or piece of the pie, but God's righteous judgment for our sin." Parents, this a helpful post on a hard subject.

A friend of mine (Pat) and member of my church recently lost a child. She wrote a great post of finding something she thought she would never have again, hope. Follow the link and gain from her perspective.

Dan Darling had a post on the ERLC blog about hard truths for parents. He wrote, "Parenting involves hard truths. It is a way that God searches your heart, humbles you and softens you for his service." Parents we need this solemn warning.

Greg Baird had a great post how to handle an underfunded Children's ministry. He asks the question, "Virtually all of us who lead in Children's Ministry have to deal with this dilemma - how do we pursue our vision when the funds are limited?" He then goes on to give 5 practical examples. Ministry leaders this is both helpful and encouraging.

Appropriately themed for our month here, Tim Challies had a post on sexual predators. In it he concludes, "If a predator is roaming around your church, he is probably not a stranger to you." Parents and pastors, this is information we need to take more seriously.

Jen Thorn had a post on For the Family about why and ways of training our children in righteousness. She wrote, "If you are a print to young children I want to encourage you to not grow weary of teaching and training your children in the things of God. Don't wait until your kids are older to teach them their need for Christ." Parents, this another rallying cry for perseverance and intentionality.

And finally, our friend Timothy Paul Jones wrote a post that reminds of the battle for our child's soul. He wrote, "This is war because - even as I train my child to take up her cross and root her identity in Jesus Christ - the surrounding culture calls her to celebrate immaturity, to smirk at sin, and to center her passions on pleasures that will slip away." Parents this is a battle that needs to be fought and can be won.

What have you been reading online this week? Leave and comment and maybe even a link for us to check out.