Family Friday Links 3.22.19

Family Friday Links.png

Sorry for those of you who check here faithfully for our links post. Last week was crazy busy and we… and by that I mean I, Pat, forgot. The good news is I didn’t this week. Here we go

Jennifer Oshman wrote a post for Gospel-Centered Disciplship on friendship and the urgency of the gospel. She wrote, “But if the gospel is true, the gospel is urgent. Let’s beg God to grow urgency within us. Let’s ask him to help us love our friends more. Let’s refuse to be distracted, fearful or lazy. Let’s be willing to be clumsy as long as we’re consistent.” God gave us friends for a reason. It’s not to make them our spiritual project, but to make disciples; not because we have to, but because we want to and care enough to.

Brittany Salmon wrote a post for the ERLC on parenting and technology. She says, “Whether it’s Snapchat, WhatsApp, or creepy messages popping up in the middle of YouTube Kids videos, we, as Christians, must be ready to give our kids the tools to navigate the technological world they live in.” She lists 4 ways parents should be thinking about their kids as it relates to technology ... and it’s a helpful list.

Lori Grasty had a post on on Children’s Ministry Leader on the topic of parenting and spiritual influence. This is where most children’s ministries aren’t doing as well as the could. This post can help in the process because it lists ways for ministry leaders to engage with parents. If you are a leader in children’s ministry and are struggling to educate and train parents, this post is a good place to help start think through the issues involved.

What have you been reading online this week? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.