Family Friday Links 3.25.16

Here's what we've been reading online lately:

Greg Baird had a post on truths for parents. One of them (and in my opinion the best one) is, "... shaping your child’s heart more than modifying your child’s behavior." Parents, especially young parents, need to read this and find encouragement.

Caesar Kalinowski had a post kids and missional communities. He says, "Just like we could never properly parent our kids in a single night each week, missional community life cannot be jammed into a few hours on a weeknight." Pastors, we need to working through this.

Christward Collective had a post entitled "A Parent's Prayer". It reads in part, "The longing of every Christian parent is to see their child healed of his or her sin by Christ and increase in the knowledge of God. There is planting and watering for us to do, but God must provide the life and growth. He bids us to come to Him and ask that our children would fear the Lord." Parents, this is hard work that only God can do, so ask Him.

My friend, Paul Maxwell, wrote a post for Desiring God on the laziness of boys. He says, "“The lazy man works as hard to avoid condemnation as he does to avoid work.” Parents of boys and pastors we need show young men the dangers of their laziness and the value (and blessing) of work.

We hope you find encouragement in these. What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section and (at least) one of us will check it out.