Family Friday Links 4.13.18


Here's what we've been benefitting from online this week:

Todd Jones had a post on the Stoked on Youth Ministry site about having the mind of Christ. It reads, "The passage (Phil 2) goes on to describe that attitude; one of humility that is marked by serving others, regardless of the “position” or status He held. That is exactly what we need to do." Humility and sacrificial service should be big parts of any believers ministry. No matter your position of leadership, these should our mindset.

Gospel-Centered Parenting had a post on the praying parent. It reminds parents, "Pray. Pray as a first response not a last resort." When we are focused on behavior, prayer doesn't seem like it will help. When we focused on the heart, prayer is only option we have.

J.D. Greear had a post on his site about weakness and where true strength is found. He wrote, "You see, feeling inadequate is not a hindrance to being used by God. It’s actually a prerequisite to being used by God." This is a lesson that all believers need to learn, if they desire to be useful to God, especially leaders.

What have you been learning from online reading? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.