Family Friday Links 4.19.19


Happy Good Friday.

Here’s what we’ve been reading online this week.

Scott Kedersha recently shared his biggest struggle as a parent. He laments, “The biggest mistake I make as a dad is when my behavior matches the behavior of my children.” He goes on to list ways in which we as parents can better respond. This is s worthwhile read for any parent.

Rob Fattal had post on Gospel-Centered Discipleship discussing leadership. He starts the post out this way, “Leadership is a tough concept to grasp, especially for those that are in or aspire to leadership positions.” If you are in a leadership or hope to be one day read this post; it will help you rely on the Holy Spirit as you lead.

Bryan Loritts had a post on discipleship. He says, “Distilled to its essence, disciple making rests on four pillars. In order for a church leader to effectively make disciples, these four pillars must be present—and strong—in their own spiritual lives and outward leadership: ...” he goes on to list the these four pillars. If you’re either a parent or a pastor this list will help you disciple better.

What have you been reading online? Leave us link in the comment section and we’ll try to check it out.