Family Friday Links 4.8.16

Here's what we've been reading online recently:

Jason Helopoulos wrote a post on threats to the Christian family. He writes, "Western hemisphere Christians have awakened to this reality in recent years as Western nations embrace everything from homosexual union as marriage, to legally forbidding parents from disciplining their own children, to restricted parental rights regarding health care. As serious as these issues remain, some of the deadliest enemies of the Christian family come from within rather than from without." He goes on to list 6. Parents, this requires serious consideration.

Sam Luce wrote a post on the topic of partnering with parents. It's what every Children's, Youth, and Family ministry should want to do. But do we? Sam says, "Partnering with parents primarily requires a church that sees the value of families and provides resources and programming that make that value an experienced reality." Pastors, take note and be ministered to by a fellow pastor.

Jason Helverston wrote a post entitled "Why We Teach Our Children to be Christian" He wrote, "By telling our children all faiths are possible and powerful and personal, we have also told them that no faith is really true." Parents, it's important to teach your kids your faith. Learn from this pastor and parent.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section for us to check out.