Family Friday Links 5.15.15

Here's what we've been reading online this week.

Brian Dollar had a post on helping kids develop a heart for worship. He says, " In order to develop a heart of worship in children who are new in the faith (or young in age), there are some practical steps you should take." Whether you are a parent or just someone who works with kids, this post is helpful.

INCM (the International Network of Children's Ministry) had a post on reaching "none" families. The post asks the question, "So if the family has the most influence on the faith potential in children and if the practices of faith are transmitted from one generation to the next within families, how do we stop the cycle of “none”?" Read the post to find out what the "none" is and how to reach them.

Verge launched a new channel this week Verge | Family.  John Murchison says,  "What we’re calling them (parents) to is a dual mission – an internal mission to the unbelieving children in their own homes, and an external mission, to unbelieving people in our communities."

I hope the articles found will be a blessing to your family.