Family Friday Links 5.22.15

Verge posted this week 3 Steps to Raising Disciples. Matt Blackwell says, "Parents have to work hard to build a Christ-centered home and not a kid-centered home, because a kid-centered home produces self-centered adults. Parents have to constantly strive to take their kids out of the center of the family and remind them that Christ is the center."

Jeff Reed for Lifeway posted an article There's No Such Thing as Little Church. Reed says, " If you think about it, even though it’s not improper to say “big church,” it might plant the subtle idea in our kid’s heads that they have not arrived. That there is another place they will get to go one day that has a little more significance than the place they are now. That there is something happening elsewhere that is bigger than what they are doing now.

Nicholas T. Batzig at the site Feeding on Christ had an article on Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Warfare This is a subject not talked about much about in churches today but is important. Batzig says,  "Without reservation, we must accept the idea that the church of our Lord Jesus is the object of the most virulent and unrelenting attacks of the evil one (Rev. 12:13). The Apostle Peter explained that church members are to always “be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8)."

I came a across an article on The Gospel Coalition posted on things parents do that can entice their kids to use porn.  The article says, "The problem for many of us is we don't understand the insidious allurement of pornography and how our behavior, though unintentional, can help shape a child to crave something that can lead him into a lifetime of slavery."

What posts and articles stood out to you this week?