Family Friday Links 5.25.18


Here's what we've been reading online this week:

The Gospel Coalition had a post about reasons parents need to talk to their kids about racial reconciliation. The post says, "Like it or not, the reality of racism means we’ll be forced to have these uncomfortable conversations with our children." This is a topic your kids deal with in some way everyday, this post will help prepare you for this important conversation.

Our friend, Sam Luce, wrote a post on the importance of parent's devotional life. He ends the post this way, "We don’t waste our devotion when we do what the gospel requires of us in front of our kids rather than behind their backs because what many would consider flaunting our faith when it comes to our kids it’s called discipleship." Parent's, this is primarily your responsibility, don't waste to opportunity to point your kids to Christ.

Rob Reinow had a post on the D6 Family site on dealing with heart rebellion in our kids. He defines heart rebellion this way, " In these situations there is outward obedience or compliance but inward resentment and hostility. There is 'heart rebellion'." He goes on to explain how parents can deal with it. Parents, this post help to define something that we may not always see or be aware of in a way that's helpful.

What have you found beneficial online this week? Leave a comment to check out!