Family Friday Links 5.27.16

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Here's what we've been benefiting from as we surfed the web:

Rob (and Amy) Rienow had a great post on parenting and delegation. It reads in part, " ... when it comes to their spiritual training and the nurturing of their faith, no Christian program can ever replace you!" Parents, you are critical to the faith of your children.

Psychology Today recently had a repost from 2010 about the decline of play and the rise of mental disorders in kids. It reads, "Free play and exploration are, historically, the means by which children learn to solve their own problems, control their own lives, develop their own interests, and become competent in pursuit of their own interests." Parents, this is another post for you to consider.

Nick Batzig wrote a post on the blessing of teaching kids. He laments, "Regretfully, at the time, I viewed these opportunities as relatively unimportant and failed to see the blessings that accrued from ministering to the elderly and to children in the church. Overlooking the importance of ministry to the children of the church is not something unique to our own day and time--it was actually quite common in Jesus' day." He goes on to list several blessing that he now sees in teaching children. If you serve in this important area, be encouraged by these words.

What have been benefitting from online? Leave a link in the comment section and we will check it out.