Family Friday Links 5.4.18


Here's our weekly list of things we've been reading online:

Do you, as a parent, struggle teaching and encouraging your children to pray? If so this post by Children's Ministry Magazine can help. It gives 12 ideas to use monthly throughout the year that help focus kids during prayer time. Check it out!

The ELRC linked to a 21+ minute podcast they recorded with Todd Wagner on parental failure. Because we are sinners raising little sinners, we know there will be times when we feel like a failure. Let this pastor encourage you. It's well worth the time.

Our friend, Timothy Paul Jones, had a post entitled "The Simplicity of Family Discipleship". It's not has hard and complicated as we seem to think about it. He concludes the post this way, "But, when it comes to their discipleship in Christ, it’s my prayer that God uses these ordinary efforts to form a faith within them that far outlasts my days on this earth." This goal can be easily achieved ... and it can be simple.

What have you been reading online lately? Has it encouraged and/or challenged you? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out!