Family Friday Links 6.1.18


Here's our weekly list of what we've found helpful online:

Scott Kedersha had a post on the subject of pursuing your spouse. He wrote, "The rest of life seems to take priority, and we forget about the human relationship that matters most." he goes on to list 5 ways to give preference to one another. Married couples, this one is for you.

Russel Moore had a post on how parents can help their kids gain a sense of belonging. He says, "Perhaps the first challenge in all of life is finding a sense of belonging. We want to know not just whether we are loved, but also if we are wanted and a part of the world around us." He goes on to explain how the family can do this. Parents, this is a valuable read.

Doctrine and Devotion had a post about the importance of learning. The author, Ashley McKnight end the post this way, "I am free to truly enjoy learning because in everything I learn it points me back to the One from whom all knowledge comes. No matter what I am studying, the one thing I am truly learning is that it is all about Jesus, and that gives me a joy that surpasses all knowledge." Follow the link and see how she gets there.

What have you been reading online this week and benefiting from? Leave us a link in the comment section!