Family Friday Links 6.14.19


Here’s what we’ve been reading online this week:

Gospel-Centered Discipleship had a post by Lee Eclov on the topic of church as family. While the post is a promotion of Eclov’s book Feels Like Home, it has some really good things to say like, “Thinking of a church as home changes a lot. A home is considerably different from an organization.” If you are a pastor or ministry leader you need to ask the question “Are you running this like a business or are you treating everyone like family?” The answer very well may show you where the health of your church or ministry is at.

Brittany Salmon had a post about kids, Jesus, and summer over on the ERLC site. She says, “We’ve had a lot of family “together” time, and I had dreamed it’d go smoother, but it seems like chaos has reigned instead of calm. And yet, we’ve also had a lot of opportunities for growth.” She then goes on to list things that she (and all parents) can do to be more intentional with summer time.

Our friend Sam Luce had a post over on a new site (at least to me) called. Ministry Spark. The topic Sam was addressing: What parents need to hear from Children’s Ministry leaders and pastors. He says, “Yes, parents need information, and they need encouraging feedback. But more than that, parents need discipleship and direction.” He goes on to list specifically how to do that. Pastors and leaders these are things we should be doing regularly … even in the busyness (craziness?) of Sunday morning; as well as throughout the week. Do not miss out on these important words.

What have you be benefiting from online this week? Leave a link the comment section for us to check out.