Family Friday Links 6.23.16

Here's what has been encouraging us online this week:

Jen Thorn wrote a post on the dangers of a "parent-centered" home. She writes, "We hear a lot of talk about a home not being child-centered. But all too often, without us realizing it, our homes become-parent centered." Parents, this is a good read for all of us to consider.

Jason Allen had a post on the need for balance between church and home. He concludes this way, "Brother pastors, if a church expects us to win at ministry while losing at home we are right to push back. Let us not neglect our families, but let us not hide behind them either." These are wise words for anyone in leadership.

Irene Sun wrote a post on the topic of children and discipline. She wrote, "We bear witness to the love of the Great Shepherd when we discipline our kids. Again, we are the visible faces of our invisible God. We are saying 'Behold!' not merely 'Behave!'" Parents, discipline is valuable, godly discipline is invaluable.

Amy Julia Becker had a post on kids and small churches. She wrote, "For our kids, church involves worship, prayer, Bible reading, and people who love them. That’s it. No bells and whistles. No performance or productions. Just the frail and broken body engaging in the healing work of Christ." There is a difference between what kids want, and what they need especially when it comes to their spiritual lives.

What have you been benefitting from online? Leave us a link in the comment section and well will check it out.