Family Friday Links 6.28.19


Here’s what we’ve been reading online this week:

Chris Green had a helpful post intense seasons fo ministry. He has a list of helpful tips that some, if not most of us don’t think about. This isn’t just a post for pastors and ministry leaders, but can be applied to parenting (our primary ministry) as well. He ends the post this way, “God is good. Hold onto that.”

With summer typically comes vacation. Jason Allen doesn’t want your vacation to be fruitless. He had a post entitled “Don’t Waste your Vacation”. It reads in part, “ … vacations should be a time to rejuvenate you for your calling, not escape it. If you find yourself always pining for vacations in order to get away from your job, you most likely do not need a vacation; you need a new vocation.” He has a list of ways to maximize your time away.

Lindsey Carlson had a post on for parents of teens. She says, “If you’re in the middle of shepherding a teenager, or you’re preparing to, consider a few encouragements as you teach your teenager to use words wisely.” She goes on to list things that you need to consider when helping your teen grow towards maturity.

What have you found beneficial online this week? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.