Family Friday Links 6.9.17

Here's our weekly list of links to things we've found thought provoking and helpful.

Nichole Schwarz had a post on her Imperfect Families blog about parenting teens. She reminds parents to focus on the relationship. She says, "This may not be the easiest piece of advice, but research shows positive outcomes for teens who report having a good relationship with their parent." She goes on to list 5 ways to do this. Parents, these are helpful and worth your time.

Micheal Guyer recently had a post on Gospel-Centered Discipleship entitled "Making Disciples at Home". He reminds parents and churches, "Churches cannot replace parents and parents cannot be independent of the church." Both are necessary for the spiritual health of our kids. This is a super helpful reminder.

Following in line with the previous link, Mike Phay had a post on For The Church about how parents spiritually lead their kids; what to look for and what warning signs to look for. He writes, "... God has given you to your child as a leader, mentor, teacher and disciple-maker." As any Christian parent knows, their deepest desire for their kids is that they repent and believe. Sometimes that desire is either forced or parents see something that isn't there; both are dangerous.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.