Family Friday Links 7.13.18

Happy Friday the 13th! Don't freak out, this post is here to help you navigate marriage, parenting, and ministry.

The Atlantic had a helpful reminder of the dangers of too much screen time (both for adults and kids). It reads, "Yet for all the talk about children’s screen time, surprisingly little attention is paid to screen use by parents themselves, who now suffer from what the technology expert Linda Stone more than 20 years ago called “continuous partial attention.” This is dangerous for parents in that when we don't give our kids the kind of attention they need, they will end up looking for it else where. This is especially concerning for those of us who believe that we are primary disciplers of our kids. Parents, yes monitor how much screen time your kids get; but also how much time you give yourself as well. Your screen time could potentially be just as harmful (if not more) than there's.

Ryan Fredrick had a post on his site Fierce Marriage on harmful phrases that married people use. He lists 5 of them and why they are so destructive. Near the end of the post he says, "Be selective with your words. There are two things in this life you can never get back once used, words and time. Use your words to give life." This is important to health of any relationship, but especially in marriage.

The Crossway blog had a post by  Melanie Lacy on teaching kids theology. She simply wrote, "Knowing theology helps kids read their Bibles better." Parents, pastors, and ministry leaders this is an important reminder for us to remember if we desire to see our kids grow spiritually. This will be the fuel that drives them into the depths of faith.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section for us to check out.