Family Friday Links 7.15.16

This is what we call a "parent focused" post:

With the racial unrest that exists in our country, Thom Rainer had a guest post by Joshua Staub on how to help our kids process these issues. Joshua wrote, "When we shield our children from injustice, we become complicit in the tension." He goes on to list 3 things parents need to do to help our kids understand and grow. Parents, read this and help your kids.

Elizabeth Turnage had a the first of multipart post on parental guilt. She says, "We and our children will fail to keep the law every time. Thankfully, God’s gracious, compassionate, unchangeable, eternal plans never fail." She goes on to list the first of 3 gospel keys to find freedom of this guilt. This is a good start to the series and good reminders for all parents. I'm looking forward to the other parts of this series.

Myra Dempsey had a post on Gospel-Centered Discipleship entitled "Parenting to See Jesus". It reads, "As part of teaching them about who God is and what his kingdom is like, I am also called to teach them about sin." Our kids see how we sin and how we handle (or don't handle) it. They will learn what repentance is from us. So, no matter how you feel your parenting is going, we have to look the Father and look to cross for how to do it well. Parents, this post will give you practical advice on how to do that.

What have you been been reading or writing online?  Leave us a link in the comment section for us to check out.