Family Friday Links 7.24.15

Here's our weekly installment of what we've been reading online lately:

Mother Jones had a post on discipline. In it the author wrote, "... consequences have consequences. Contemporary psychological studies suggest that, far from resolving children's behavior problems, these standard disciplinary methods often exacerbate them. They sacrifice long-term goals (student behavior improving for good) for short-term gain—momentary peace in the classroom." Student behavior improving for the good will only happen when we deal with heart issues behind the behavior. Parents and pastors, this one's a good reminder for you.

As a first mom (of twins no less), Sarah Hauser had this great reminder for all parents, "Do you love your kids? Are you doing your best to care and provide for them? Then maybe at the end of the day what you need to hear more than advice is this: You are doing a great job." Parenting is hard, but by God's grace it's not impossible.

Matt Blackwell had a post on Verge Family on raising disciples. He says, "Don’t let discipleship be isolated to Sundays, but let it be a natural part of your day." Parents this is also a good read. Pastors this good to pass stuff worth passing along.

Formed & Fueled had a post entitled, "Four Prayers for My Daughter". It ends this way, "What have been your prayers for your children? Or future children?" Parents, this is a great question to regularly ask.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.