Family Friday Links 7.6.18

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Tom Pounder at the YM Sidekick Blog had a great post about How to Lead out of Prayer and Boldness. Tom writes, "Prayer is something we talk about all the time in ministry. It is what we are supposed to do. However, one thing I have noticed in my life is that the more experience you get in ministry the more you rely on your skills and experiences and less on God’s guidance and wisdom. It can be true in our personal lives as well. It’s never intended but it seems like it just happens. How do you lead out of prayer and boldness?"

Over at the Children's Ministry Leader Blog, Greg Baird writes about 7 Things Every Ministry Leader Needs to Know. Greg writes, "Our children’s ministries are dependent on volunteer. Without them, children’s ministry – or just about any ministry! – doesn’t happen. Too often, though, when someone says they’ll volunteer, we simply throw them in the room with the kids and that’s the last they hear from us unless there’s an emergency. We can’t do that. If we’re doing ministry on purpose, that means we are communicating effectively with our team. And there are certain things that are critical for them to know."

This is an oldie but a goodie from the 3dm movement's blog. This particular post on Healthy Family Rhythms Sound Great, But How Do We Do It? is from 2014. I came across it looking for something else on the website. Brian Spahr writes, "First, take a deep breath. Be under no delusion that we have it all figured out. We don’t. Our family on mission is a work in progress too, but we are learning some things worth sharing along the way. Like most things worth doing, there is no magic formula. There are some ways all families can take steps toward a healthy rhythm. Here are four questions you can ask your family to help get started:

  • What can we stop?
  • What can we simplify?
  • What can we systematize?
  • What can we share?"

I hope these links are a blessing to you and your ministry. Please comment below some posts that have been an encouragement lately.