Family Friday Links 8.10.18

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Here's what we've been benefiting from online this week:

Jana Magruder had a post on managing kidmin classrooms. She says, "There are many tips for engaging kids and keeping their attention, but my personal favorite is singing—yes, singing! Now, hear me when I say—kids do not care if you are a good singer or not, so talent does not matter!" She goes on to list benefits. This is a helpful tool to have in your box when your seeking to disciple kids.

For those parents who have kids online had a post that helps kids see the impact of what they post. The post talks in terms of the ripples our interactions can have as says in part, "Our ripples affect those around us for better or for worse." The post goes on to list a couple things kids (and most adults) need to keep in mind when posting anything. This is very helpful for parents.

Mark Merrill had a post entitled, "4 Steps to Marriage CPR". In it he wrote, "A dying marriage is the result of countless moments of hurts, habits, and hardships." His steps are helpful not just evaluate where your marriage is at, but also how to start fixing it in order for your marriage to thrive.

What have you been reading online lately? If you've been benefitting from it, leave a link in the comment section for us to check out.