Family Friday Links 8.14.15

Here's what we've been reading online this week:

Angela Suh wrote post on how new parents and parents of young mom can serve others. She ends the post this way, "Some days, serving your family and keeping the kids alive is all you can do. But, other days there is grace to do a little more and to serve the Body, even amidst the craziness and chaos." She lists four specific things stay at home parents can do. If you are in this situation, check out the great advice.

Holly Crawshaw had a post dealing with parental weakness. She says, "... my fleshly weaknesses do not define me. My worth was eternally forged on the cross when Jesus exchanged His perfection for my filth." Parents, you've been given a task, a holy calling, that is well beyond your capacity; therefore, remember Who's you are and where your strength to accomplish this task comes from.

Our friend, Timothy Paul Jones, wrote a post on effective family ministry. He says that in order to be effective we have to remember the goal, "The goal is Jesus, the center is the gospel and the family is a means for revealing the gospel now and for passing the gospel from one generation to the next." Parents, pastors we all need to be on the same page, with the same goal, in order see the next generation reached. This post will help us start that process.

Clare DeGraaf wrote a post on preventing pedophilia in the church. He asks (and answers) the question, "So, what should a church do to make this sin less likely to occur, and how should they deal with it, if and when it does?" He goes on list 10 things that are vital as we seek to protect our kids. Pastors read and implement these.

What have you been reading or writing online. Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.