Family Friday Links 8.16.19


Here’s what we’ve found helpful online this week:

Zac Harrel had a post on prayer and kids. He wrote, “Praying with a child changes the way you pray.” This isn’t (necessarily) a bad thing. He goes on to explain 3 ways this is beneficial to the child as well as the parent. As parents we need to be leading our kids in prayer … while at the same time allowing them to remind us that God is ALL things, big and small.

Verge had a post on leadership development. It lists 3 essentials, defines them, and then goes to explain what happens when any one of them is missing. If you’re in leadership, this is a great post to be thinking and praying through.

Sam Luce had a post entitled, “Purity Rings and True Love Waits”. He wrote, “The problem with the purity culture of the ’90s was not the concern of a hypersexualized culture. The problem was that the starting point and goal were not God.” Rules will only get our kids so far, when what they need is God. Parent’s this a that needs to be considered.

What have you been reading or writing online this week? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out!