Family Friday Links 8.28.15

Here's what we've been reading online this week:

Scott Turansky wrote a post on kids and hard work. He wrote, "By teaching children how to fulfill their responsibilities, even when they don’t feel like it, develops the character quality of perseverance in their hearts." Parents, teaching kids to value hard work is in and of itself hard work; but worth it.

Brian Dollar had a post on misbehavior. He reminds parents and teachers, "If kids aren’t engaged in learning, they’ll engage in something else." A plan can overcome that feeling that our kids are stepping all over us.

Bobby Scott wrote a post on kids knowing Christ and having impact. He says, "And what, do you ask, is God’s appointed means of grace to help your children? That answer is simple. It is you, God fearing parents." Parents, remember God's wisdom and strength you need to accomplish this impossible task.

Darrin Patrick had a post on parenting. About raising kids he wrote, "But if you’ve been diligent to that consistent weeding and trimming and pruning, the seasons change and you discover something of beauty." Patrick reminds parents that we sow but God is one who changes their hearts; so be encouraged and be faithful.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave a link in the comment section for us to check out.