Family Friday Links 8.7.15

Here's our weekly list of posts we've been reading online.

Paul Tripp had a post on the impossibility of parenting. He wrote, "The task was way bigger than my ability to parent, and the task will always be way bigger than your ability to parent. But we're not our children's messiah, and we're not left to the resources of our own character, wisdom and strength." Parents, this is important to remember.

Chuck Lawless had a post listing 10 reasons it's important for spouses should pray together. He concludes this way, " Even if it’s tough to do, pray together for a few minutes each day. You and your family will not regret it." Couples, here's a good reminder of a good practice.

Grant Castleberry had a post entitled, "The Blessings of Children". In it he wrote, "Thinking of Psalm 123:7, “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him,” I thought a lot today about one of the particular ways my children have blessed me–by bringing a renewed perspective to my life." Our children bless us in many ways that sometimes go unnoticed. Parents, keep an eye out for that blessing as you seek to bless them.

Seth McBee had a post kids, discipleship, mission and how all three interconnect. He writes, "We don’t need some program to raise our children for us, we can do this in normal, everyday life. That way our kids will understand what following Jesus looks like and will desire to do it, too." Parents, you can do this. Pastors, you can train them how.

What have you been reading (or writing) online? Leave a link in the comment section and (at least) one of us will check it out.