Family Friday Links 8.17.18

Here's what we've been thinking though this week from our online reading:

Jason Allen had a parenting post on motivations to avoid. The post lists 3 such motivations, although I'm sure there are more. He wrote, "Gospel-centered parenting focuses on cultivating the heart toward submission to the Word of God, repentance, godliness, and cherishing the gospel."

Kids Ministry 101 from LifeWay posting a link to their about connecting with volunteers. This is vital for ministries to not simply survive, but thrive in doing the work of both discipling kids as well as partnering with parents. It's just over 28 minutes long, but worth the time for the practicals that it offers.

Pastor Cam Hyde had a post about discipling your kids. His last paragraph starts this way, "These four things can help you start using your time intentionally with your children. God has given us to our children to help shape their hearts and point them to Christ. Sometimes, we just need some help knowing where to start." He is both practical and pastoral, check it out.

What have been benefiting from online this week? eave us a link in the comment section to check out.