Family Friday Links 9.21.18


Here’s what we’ve been reading online this week:

Christina Embree had a family ministry post with thoughts of when kids come to church alone. God is obviously doing something in their lives, so how to we encourage that without parental involvement. She writes, “More than likely, some kids will get dropped off who do not have parents that attend the church.  But, that does not preclude us from reaching out to their home.” She goes on to list ways in which the church can (and should) engage. If this describes kids in your Children’s Ministry, check this one out.

Michael Wallenmeyer had a post interviewing Jack Klumpenhower about his book Show Them Jesus. The interview centers around the need of the gospel to be the central message of our teaching. This is a great interview about a great book. Check out the interview and grab a copy of the book.

Joe Carter had a post about kids and atheism. It starts out this way, “According to a new study on adult atheists, the less that parents “walk the walk” about religious beliefs, the more likely their children are to walk away from the faith.” As parents who desire to raise their children in Christ, we simply can’t give away what we don’t possess ourselves. The post goes on to encourage parents with their responsibility.

What have you found helpful online? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.