Family Friday Links 9.2.2016

I'm summarizing these articles today while waiting on a train to go by near our office so I can get out of the parking lot and off to carpool. I know those are the times that parents and pastors read blogs too, so I'm praying for you as you think through what we've been reading this week:

  • Danny Franks (@LetMeBeFranks) wrote "10 Mistakes You're Making When Recruiting Volunteers." He writes, I hope you’re polishing your weekend systems at every turn. But don’t be so polished that people think, “There’s no way they can use me.” This article is a gem for those who manage volunteer teams in equipping churches.
  • Dr. John Piper (@JohnPiper) reposted an article entitled "The Family: Together in God's Presence" about parents brining their kids into the main worship gathering. He wrote, "The greatest stumbling block for children in worship is that their parents do not cherish that hour." I think there are good reasons for churches to offer children's ministry up through elementary ages during the main gathering, and I'll write about them on Monday. But I also think there is value in kids seeing their parents worship God. I'm grateful for Dr. Piper for giving a clear picture for parents of what it can look like to worship in the presence of your kids.
  • Finally, I want to point to a really helpful book review by Todd Wilson at The Gospel Coalition (@TGC) of Michelle Lee-Barnewell's book Neither Complementarian Nor Egalitarian. This appears to be a thought-provoking volume that will further Christian thinking about gender relationships.

What are you reading this week? What would you recommend?