Family Friday Links 9.22.17

Family Friday Links.png

Here's what we've found helpful online this week:

Corinne Noble had a guest post listing the benefits for serving WITH kids. It asks the question that's on the mind of every recruit (which is a good question that we all need to think through), "What's in it for me?" We all think it about everything we do. The way the Children's pastor or leader answers this will have impact on the caliber of people that serve (in a positive way).

Scott Kedersha had a post on what prevents "oneness" in marriage. This is something that all biblical marriages need to work at and strive for. He concludes the post this way, " An understanding of who Jesus is and what His Word says takes away the ignorance. Jesus and the Gospel is the solution to all of the barriers to oneness." Go read this post and see how many of his barriers are present in your marriage.

Our friend, Sam Luce, had a post about kids and cell phones. He writes, " If you just hand your kids a cell phone without teaching them how to use it or placing safeguards around it you are crazy. I love you but you are crazy." He goes on to list 9 things parents need to think about when thinking about giving their kids a cell phone.

What have you benefitted from online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.