Family Friday Links 9.30.16

While at the D6 conference, I (Pat) got to meet some online friends face-to-face. Let me introduce them to you now:

Corinne Noble wrote a post disciplining kids. She wrote, "We need to disciple our kids, but effective discipleship is not going to happen from a stage or in a large group setting. Relationships are the key to discipling our kids and training them up to be Godly men and women." This post was a gentle reminder that all of ministry is about relationships. This is a good read and reminder for parents as well as pastors and volunteers.

Corey Jones recently had a post about personal investment (and no he's not talking about money.) He concludes this way, "Take time today to invest in yourself. The investment you make today can pay off dividend in your future self." He lists three areas that all believers should think through on how this topic.

Scott Kedersha had a post on the importance of marriage ministry and why his church does it. He laments, "Too often the church has fallen short in preparing couples for marriage. We either assume they don’t need it, or we let them slide by with weak and surface-level counsel. We miss the mark by not challenging them on the significance of the decision in front of them." If we expect the marriages and families in our churches to be healthy, the church has a responsibility to train them towards that goal. Pastors, think through your role here carefully.

I'm thankful that online friends are now face-to-face friends and look forward to highlighting more of their content. How have been benefitting from in your online reading? Leave a link in the comment for us to check out.