Family Friday Links 9.6.19


Here’s what we’ve been benefitting from online recently:

J. Warner Wallace had a post for parents that helps them help their kids to be passionate about their faith. This is an encouragement to parents find this to be a daunting task. He offers 7 principles that parents should be thinking through in order to instill this kind of passion of God in their kids.

Our friend Sam Luce had a post on teens and dating. In it he writes, “I am convinced that our kids need to learn the art of friend-making and friend-keeping. They need to learn to have a conversation, with someone of the opposite sex, because should they get married they will need to be talking to their spouse daily.” As a parent in the midst of teenage and dating years, I found this post helpful in navigating those waters.

The KidCheck blog had a post on security and the need to review the plan annually. It lists 4 tools to help you think through and execute a security plan. This is something every church and every children’s and youth ministry needs to think through and plan for, especially before something happens.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section to check out.