Family Friday Links 9.9.16

Here's what we've been encouraged by online this week:

My (Pat's) friend, Scott Garrison, wrote an extremely humble and honest post on the topic of failure. He writes, "Don’t miss the grace and mercy and kindness of our Father! It is His kindness that stopped me. When I saw this, when He revealed it to me, I was so thankful. So sorrowful at my own sin of pride but so thankful for the kindness and love of a good good Father." Pastor, these are good words that you need to hear.

Along the same vein (sort of) carolynescorner had a post on her blog on teaching kids to fail. Parents are spending so much time helping their kids avoid it that they miss the opportunity for their kids to grow. She says it this way, "I would like my son to experience as many opportunities as he needs to fail, in order for him to succeed." Parent's, this is an important lesson to learn.

Mathew Gilbert wrote a post on teaching the gospel with passion. While it meant for people serving in Children's Ministry; I believe it has application everywhere, especially parenting. He writes, "Too often, those who serve or lead in kids ministry make Jesus out to be little more than broccoli for their soul. He may be healthy, but he's not delicious. He is not worth savoring. When Jesus is taught this way, he will be received this way. Kids may see their need for what Jesus offers, but they will not see that Jesus is worthy of their full desire and can offer full satisfaction. They may desire Jesus' benefits, but they will not desire Jesus." Everyone needs to take these words seriously.

Julie Roys wrote a post on how parents hinder their children's spiritual growth. She writes, "... overprotection is one of the main ways she sees parents unwittingly hinder their children’s spiritual growth." Parents, we often think our ways of helping is actually making the problem worse.

What have you been reading online lately? Leave us a link in the comment section and we will check it out.